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ONLINE IT Trainingfor Children and Teenagers

  • A really good value:85€ 55€/monthFIRST Class – FREE

    Because our Online training completely differs for better,comparing with the similar ones at school
    Our new generation platforms were developed just to train IT skills
    Our system provides the possibility to create 3-4 projects every lesson

We teach all the IT fields in the complex

Now Attention,


These are exclusives


You can study them only in our school


DO not limit yourself to one field


It’s 100% WORTH trying


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If IT – only our school is the right place.

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1 class of 2 hours a week is enough


E-grade record book of the student in your smartphone: schedule, payment, practice…

We teach you EVERYTHING you can imagine in IT and even more…

  • Review the whole course curriculum


  • How does our Online system differ from the others?

    ● The teacher sees student’s screen and work, it’s important.● In our school the student chooses the pace of study by himself/herself, no need to wait for the others.● In the end of every class the child has a guaranteed result: 3-4 finished works.● E-grade record book in a smartphone: reports to the parents for each class, practice system.

  • What is the number of classes and what is the schadule a week?

    ● 1 class per week, duration – 2 hours.● It’s not worth chasing the number of hours; it’s the indicator which only describes the process. It’s better to focus on the result.● In our classes EACH student makes 3-4 finished works.● For 1 class we do so much as in the other places ones do for 1 month.● But we’d like to warn you, that in our classes you have to work.Doing means learning.

  • What age do you teach? What is the difference between training Adults and Children?

    ● The main idea is not to try programs of courses for Adults on training for Children. In a school age you have to get to know all the fields and choose the niche specialization when you’re an adult.● Nowadays UNIVERSAL experts are valued, that is why we consciously teach ALL THE THEMES in one COURSE.● We teach students of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11th grades and UNIVERSITY STUDENTS.● For each category there is a differentiated program.● By the way, self-confident HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS HAVE A LOT TO LEARN.

  • What will we teach?What exactly is included in the course programm?

    We teach ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING possible in IT.● It’s more than 20 topics from different fields: from 3D-graphics to cyber defense, from coding to video production● We provide THE BIGGEST NUMBER OF TOPICS AT THE BEST PRICE.● You can review the Whole Program HERE

  • Саn I choose any particular field?

    We teach all the fields in one course:● It’s beneficial for you – you came to study one field and received ALL FIELDS TOGETHER as a BONUS.● Why limiting yourself to one field? Now universal experts are valued, the ones able to work on the intersection of technologies.● Because you don’t know what you’re going to need tomorrow.

  • And for those, who are interested only in studing coding?

    ● The world of IT is much more versatile than just coding.● We teach all the popular languages like Java, Python, C# та IDE environment.● That is why we consciously combine coding with the other fields.● For example, a software developer who can draw an interface himself, to make an animation or 3D picture is much more valuable.● Probably it’s worth study EVERYTHING in the complex.

  • Why are Zoom, Meet not good for IT training?

    - The teacher can see only faces of his students, and not their works.- A student cannot choose the pace, he/she needs to wait for the whole group.– They are better for video-lectures and not for practical tasks.  

  • What skills will the student obtain after the course?

    ● He/she will learn to create websites, develop mobile applications, personal programs on popular languages, edit sound and video, create 3D models, work with graphics. He/she will master many editors, learn concepts and principles.● You can find more on what they will learn and be able to do HERE

  • Who are the teachers?

    ● Our teachers are young specialists with higher educations, who have practical experience in IT-sphere and regularly go through trainings and attestations.● They have nothing to do with the old approaches, these are the people with the new visions.

  • Are there any requirements to PC?What program do you use for teaching?

    ● For classes any PC or laptop on the basis of OS Windows is enough.● You need only one software – CABINET OF STUDENT, which you’re going to use to connect to your computer in a classroom, where all the necessary software and materials are available for work. The teacher will see your work and assist you.

  • Can I connect using phone or tablet computer?

    ● Phone or tablet computer are NOT suitable. Because IT-training includes work with FULL-FLEDGED software on the computer and not with the mobile applications on a tablet computer, which have a limited functionality.● Where did you see a cool specialist who creates something on a phone? It is obvious that in all the IT-companies employees work at the computer.● If somebody offers you IT on a tablet computer – it is worth considering (whether it is a real company or not). 

  • What is the training's procedure?

    ● We work at the online systems of NEW generation developed specifically for IT.● Here you need to see NOT a student’s face, but his/her screen so that the Teacher could help him/her.● We provide only 100% of practice. Remember, the best way to learn is to do something with your own hands.● Need IT – come to us!

  • Now IT is included into a mandatory program of a child development …

    ● We give FIRST free class for everyone to try.● Also pay attention that in our school within 2 hours your child will be able to do things he/she could hardly do elsewhere before.

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We received your application, our manager will contact you to choose a convenient schedule for you and book a place in a group.
If IT – only our school is the right place.

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№1Online System
>20interesting Topics
100%of Practice

The class rutines

What is unique about our Online?

IT -Education is the first step to your successful career

Our graduates work in IT-departmentsof top Ukrainian and world companies.


Why do people trust us?

We control the quality

Reports to the parents after each class, e- grade record book in a smartphone

Cool tasks

A big staff of developers designers and testers is working on them

Innovative Online

NEW generation of online systems developed specifically for IT

Creativity and Development

IT is included into a mandatory program of every child development

Success stories

We use examples to figure out the real cases of people and companies

All the IT range

Noone knows what challenge he/she may face in future. We provide the skills in all the fields to make our students ready to aswer.

Saving of 250$ /year

We consciously combine the affordable price and the high quality of training.

Technological Company

Website, e-grade record book, personal student's cabinet and online system are the best indicators.

If IT education, then it is GRAND
It’s 100% WORTH trying

Hurry to book at a promotional price


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We received your application, our manager will contact you to choose a convenient schedule for you and book a place in a group.
If IT – only our school is the right place.

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Such CLASSES are available only in OUR SCHOOL

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Develop Hard and Soft skills.Your child will be able to:

  • Illustration

    Use unconventional approach to problem-solving. Learn to find solutions and ideas independently.

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    He/she will not only get skills in software, but master team work and develop professional responsibility and courage which will enable him/her to complete any project successfully.

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    He/she will get a sertificate and have his/her projects in CV.

  • Illustration

    Knowing vaious fields will be increadably helpful while choosing a career. – if you need IT, then you need us for sure

The modern world changes all the time and things that were science fiction 2-3 years ago are reality now. Great deal of these changes occur thanks to IT sphere. Along with that the necessary set of skills and knowledge to master the professions of the future and the present is changing as well. This knowledge is still inaccessible in regular schools but our students learn them on IT courses for children in IT-Education. We teach to take advantage of gadgets and use their potential for personal development, navigate in the present-day technological world and keep up with innovations.


What is special about our IT-school for children?

IT sphere covers a few important and mutually connected fields. On our computer courses for children we teach them comprehensively:

    Coding (the students create their own mobile applications, learn modern coding languages like Java, C++, C#, Python, Unity, Unreal, Web-development PHP, JS and learn technical English language);
    Design (Web-design and layout, development of corporate identity, branding and composition, Digital-Art, professional work in Photoshop, creation of personal portfolio, use of library JQuery);
    3D-graphics (interior design, simulation, animation of the characters, development of personal three-dimensional projects in Unity 3D, study of low poly technology, sculpting);
    Video production (modern editors, blogging, professional sound editing and processing, creation of special effects in combination with 3d-graphics);
    Cyber defense (cloud technologies, virtual machines VMware, VirtualBox, encryption of information, network and bigdata, study of concepts like DDOS-attacks, phishing, sniffer, backdoor, Unit Rackmount equipment).
    Mastering of knowledge on our computer courses goes through practice: creation of personal projects in each field helps to solidify the received information. Without long lectures, synopsis and complicated theory.

What is unique about studying as an IT-specialist in IT-Education?

    We don’t focus on theory, because we know that practice is the best way to master knowledge and ability to use it.
    We present complicated things using simple words and boost an interest to learn new things; we teach how to use the obtained skills in life.
    Two hour class is once a week, so the student has planty of time for school lessons and various free time activities.
    Our educational courses are available in many Ukrainian cities, you can also choose a convenient form of study: in class or online.
    A multifaceted approach to teaching all the IT spheres allows combining a few fields in one project, solidifying knowledge and showing your abilities.
    The parents can be informed about the ptudent's progress being able to review the projects or watching the online-classes.
    Our training classrooms are fully equipped with technologies, and nobody else can brag about classrooms with such level of equipment.
    We think every child is unique: we help him/her to develop his/her strong sides, train abilities and express himself/herself.

Additional advantages of coding for children in IT-Education

    We do not measure knowledge using hours – the things that matter for us is practice and quality of the acquired knowledge. That is why our experts are looking for an approach to every student; they know how to interest him/her.
    Our study programs is a unique educational product which covers all the IT fields, so we have a lot to teach and tell even those who think they know everything.
    The price for training is affordable so that as many children as possible could obtain a basics for the future successful work in IT sphere. is a licensed training center, which provides the high level of knowledge and skills, certified oficially after the proper training.'s certificate usually becomes the first step in career.
    Besides knowledge, children get experience in teamwork, increase their communication level, develop social skills , broaden their outlook and enrich their intellectual abilities.
    Training in is the priceless time of cooperation, inspiration, rapid development and achievment, the best place to become a success now and on.

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